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Get to Know Jim Schell


Jim Schell

James C Schell, LLC

PA-HIC: PA089919


484-354-6793/Ext. 101




Jim Schell has always had a passion for building things. As a child he spent countless hours with his Legos, Erector sets and Lincoln Logs. As a student Jim was fascinated with the classic art forms–painting, sculpture and architecture—with a special interest in design, engineering and drafting.

Once in the business world Jim began in the service sector: lawn care, locksmith and alarm installation. He then gained experience in sales and management on the retail, wholesale and corporate levels and worked for mom and pop operations as well as multi-national corporations. 


But during his spare time he always took great pleasure in carpentry.  When friends and neighbors saw renovations he had completed around his own home, they started asking him to do projects in their homes. Each quickly realized that Jim was a bit different from most contractors; his insistence on quality and craftsmanship exceeded their expectations every time.  


Now Jim has brought his diverse interests and skills to good use in the remodeling business and has turned his passion into his vocation. He completed his business degree as a non-traditional student at Penn State University. With that background in hand Jim founded James C Schell, LLC.  He wanted to offer clients something special–a home renovation experience where he could work one-on-one with the client throughout the process to ensure the job would be completed to their exact specifications.  


Jim takes pride in his ability to listen to his customers and provide solutions that transform their homes into functional, beautiful and enjoyable spaces to live in for many years to come.  His focus on customer satisfaction is apparent when you read his reviews on Houzz. And his satisfied clients are the reason he has succeeded in business, with many staying in touch and becoming good friends long after the project is completed.  If you’re looking for a partner, not just a contractor, Jim is the guy for you.  

Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce
EPA Cert# NAT-F115687-2
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