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Ask Jim!

Undertaking a home remodeling project of any size can be intimidating and stressful. James C Schell, LLC is here to guide you through the process and put your mind at ease. Here are some of the questions we’re asked most frequently.

What type of projects do you take on?

We do interior remodeling, specializing in kitchens and baths. We also remodel home offices, laundry rooms, basements and other rooms inside the home. 


What services do you offer?

We provide clients with a wide range of services to cover their project’s needs—from planning and design to the nuts and bolts of the remodeling process. Plumbing, electric, millwork, cabinetry and painting--you name it, we’ll do it.


Do you carry general liability insurance?

Yes. All Pennsylvania townships/boroughs require contractors to carry general liability insurance. We will include a copy of it with your contract and supply one to your township before work begins.


Who handles the permits on your projects?

We do, as long as the township/borough allows it.


Where should I begin?

We love to think of ourselves as problem solvers!  So write down how you want your new kitchen or bath to function differently than your existing room, and itemize the issues you have with your current layout. Try to find photos in magazines or online (we highly recommend which reflect what you would like to have and how you’d like your new space to look.


Regarding COVID-19, what are you doing to keep my family safe while you’re working in our home?

We have committed to protecting your health and safety by developing a COVID-19 Safety Plan. In addition to face masks, frequent hand washing and using the 6-foot social distancing rule, we will construct containment barriers around the work area and we will use HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters. To see more information about our safety plan, click here.


Who from your company will be at my home each day?

 Since we are a small company, you won’t see a lot of unfamiliar faces—most likely myself (Jim) and one or two James C Schell, LLC employees. We will also have our trusted subcontractors come in for specific parts of the project. All of our employees undergo a full background check and drug testing.

How do you handle scheduling?

We work on a first come, first served basis. While you may have to wait a few weeks for your project to begin, when it’s your turn, you’re #1 with us. 


Who will communicate with me once the project starts?

As the company owner I personally oversee every job. I will be available daily to answer any questions and make you aware of what’s going on throughout the process.


How many projects do you work on at one time?

We only schedule jobs we have the talent to staff and don't overbook ourselves.  When we begin your project, we're focused on your project. You will know our schedule and won't have to wonder if we're coming or when. 


What type of contract can I expect?

We have a thorough home improvement contract. It identifies the scope of work, price, payment schedule, subcontractors, warranty, insurance coverage, layout and elevations, images, materials, and a work schedule.


What is a change order?

While we do our very best to clearly define the scope of work in our detailed contracts, sometimes unforeseen issues (or just a client’s desires) can impact a project. A change order identifies work that is added to or deleted from the original scope of work, which alters the original contract price and/or completion date. If changes are required/requested, we will write up a change order and ask you to sign it. Change orders are billed when that specific work is completed.


How does your pricing compare to others?

Everyone tends to look for the lowest price. But if an estimate is low, you should always ask yourself - “what is being left out?”, “what short-cuts are being taken?” or “do these guys really know what they are doing?” While our prices might not be the lowest, they are justified by the quality of work that we do. From meeting timelines to daily clean up and every detail in between, our crew makes sure the job is done right the first time. We believe our clients deserve nothing less than a perfect remodel for their hard-earned money.


When do I pay?

Our payment schedule is attached to milestones throughout the project. The timeline will be provided in your contract. You will be asked for a down payment to cover any special order items (countertops, flooring, etc.). There will be a balance due when the work is completed—your final payment is due when the job is completed.

Do you offer financing?

Yes.  James C Schell, LLC partners with a financing company that specializes in home renovation loans.


Can you furnish a list of references?

Absolutely! We have many previous clients who will be more than happy to speak with you about their experience with us.


What is a punch list?

As your project nears completion we will work with you to put together a list of tasks that need to be completed before the project can be considered finished; this is what we refer to as a punch list. Once the punch list is approved and completed, the job is considered finished and the final payment should be made.


If we didn’t answer your question, please email us here….

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